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J W Haskins
Fine Art, Illustration and Photography
  1. Plan A: Study illustration and ceramics
  2. Plan B: Teach art and photography in secondary, post-16 and adult education
  3. Plan C: Study and combine interests in art and science
  4. Plan D: Go freelance...

My work is diverse and motivated by a duel interest in art and science. I draw on influences from 20th Century European-American art/photography and African, Native American, Aboriginal, Chinese and Japanese art. I use a place-based approach aimed to capture and simultaneously represent observational, physical, emotional and intellectual experiences via a cross-cultural fusion of traditional and new media. Ideas evolve through experiment and style is flexible in relation to aspects of primary and secondary experiences. These days I use a graphics tablet and pen as often as I use a pencil or brush. I love the discipline of drawing and the physicality of applying paint to canvas, yet photography and imaging software allow me to explore ideas without pre-visualising a composition or end product. Thus, the style of a final image can be driven by the subject, or by visual effects generated through experiment. I enjoy the spontaneity of this approach and the freedom it offers allows me to create paintings and mixed media pieces that encapsulate rather than describe.